SC Drug Trafficking Laws

Drug Trafficking Defense And You

Drug Trafficking LawyersIf you’ve been arrested and had charges filed against you for drug trafficking, you should immediately retain a drug trafficking attorney. The penalties (also mentioned in the other post) of a conviction are completely serious, and your current and future freedom is at stake.

Drug Trafficking Penalties

Depending upon the drugs, the arrest, and your prior convictions, the penalties for a guilty verdict include a minimum sentencing of 25 years. Trafficking and distribution offenses are legally considered to be violent crimes which don’t allow for the possibility of parole. This means you would be serving the full time you’re sentenced to.

What Constitutes Trafficking?

The weight of the drug determines if you’re trafficking or not.

  • Ten grams of cocaine
  • Four grams of heroin
  • Ten pounds of marijuana

Additional Information:

If you’re charged with trafficking AND you were carrying a firearm, five extra consecutive years are to be added to your sentence.

Do You Need Help?

We want to protect your rights and freedom as drug possession and drug trafficking lawyers. We will give you an aggressive defense strategy that comes from our years of experience interpreting and creating the SC Drug laws. Call us today!

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